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Inflatable Canoes
Incept Explorers

The Incept Explorer C42T and C52Q are heavy-duty Canadian-style inflatable canoes made for rivers, lakes and sheltered marine waters.

Very stable and an absolute delight to paddle, giving little drag and excellent maneuverability — even when fully loaded— the Explorer inflatable canoes are equally at home in Class 3 rapids and in open water.

Explorer canoes are part of Incept’s way for getting outdoors people into the wilderness with safety, utility, comfort, fun and wonderment.

Built for 3 and 4 persons, or for 2 and 3 persons with gear, the C42T is perfect for multi-day expeditions and just as good for those spur-of-the-moment day trips.

Taking just minutes to inflate, an Incept Explorer inflatable canoe has no need for vehicle roof racks, does not make storage problems, and travels as baggage on public transport and small aircraft. At the launch site just inflate, load your gear and you’re away.

Inflatable Canoe Features

Robust construction and innovative design give these canoes a stiff frame, excellent speed, high stability and amazing handling. Main features are -

PERFORMANCE     The brand “INCEPT” assures the best performing inflatable boats in the business. This is a serious claim—please check it out.

FOLDABLE            Expedition river canoes which fold into airline baggage

ROBUST   Carry loads of gear and survive the roughest river conditions

THWARTS   Removable, adjustable padded thwarts

BAILING    Fast self-bailing optional - see over

VALVES   Industry-standard HR inflation valves and matching floor relief valve

GRAB LINE   External safety grab-line, bow & stern carry-handle D-rings

LINE SUPPORTS   Plenty of attachments for tie-downs etc

COLORS   Available in red, yellow, blue, white.  Check which colors are in stock, other colors are made to order.

SAFETY   3 separate air compartments

ACCESSORIES   Bellows Foot Pump, Carry Bag, Repair Kit included

OPTIONS  - Incept C42 / C52 Inflatable Canoes

 Thwarts - Fixed, inflatable thwarts. (Three padded wooden thwarts are standard, adjustable and removable).

 Attachments - extra D-rings, fitted at factory or by owner.

 Armor - Additional PU armor (e.g trailer rub spots).

 Signage - screen printing in permanent 2-part flexible paints.

 Colors - red, yellow, blue, white.

 Motor Bracket - 2 HP outboard motor bracket available (optional).

 Self Bailing - Canoes are supplied non-auto bailing but with provision for owner to punch drain holes (makes boat self-bailing but reduces load capacity and increases drag).

Specifications C42T C52Q
Length 14'2" 17'6"
Beam 3'5" 3'5"
Tube Diameter 16" 16"
Internal Beam 16" 16"
Thwarts 3 4
Air Chambers 3 3
Crew 3 4
Load 600 pounds 800 pounds
D-Rings & Beckets 14 18
Weight Packed 55 pounds 72 pounds
Size Packed 3.0 cuft 4.0 cuft
Hull Material

Polyurethane Armor 20 oz/s.yd

Canoe Material

Erez Boat Pvc 29 oz/s.yd 1000 den polyester

All air chambers are 100% heat welded and sealed.  D-ring and rope-holder fittings are welded.

 Get your Incept inflatable canoe today.  Please contact us if you need more information.



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Download a copy of the Incept C42 & C52 inflatable canoe catalog in Adobe Acrobat Reader.


… just went on a trip with 4 girlfriends and we used the Incept. We went to an area near Dillingham Alaska (SW Alaska) and were taken by float plane to Kulik Lake in the Wood Tikchick State Park.  It's huge and it's all lake paddling but the canoe was magnificent.  We called it the "hooter barge".  I have more photos that I'll send to Incept and …  know that all my friends enjoyed rowing in it - it was a comfortable vessel.

- Teeny Metcalf, Anchorage AK

Sleek low-drag hull design makes these inflatable canoes paddle like a hard shell.


Incept Explorer series inflatable canoes in non-commercial use are guaranteed for a period of five years from the date of purchase. Any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship found during the warranty period will be made good by Incept at no cost,  provided only that the boat is returned to the nearest world-wide Incept repair station, freight paid one way.  Call the dealer from whom you purchased the boat, or Incept, for details.


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